About Me

Hey FitnessPals,

My name is Estelle and I am just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. I am in my mid twenties and I have struggled over the years to maintain my weight, lose weight and try to balance my life around these issues. I am no heath guru, super woman bodybuilder nor do I have the greatest body in the world. I am trying to balance my life around being happy with my body image, improving my health and general well being, I think that is what we all strive for but just can’t get our hands on it sometimes….

But due to life’s commitments such as work, family and relationships we find it difficult to focus on our health and fitness goals. Contrary to what most personal trainers say, following a health and fitness regime IS difficult with life’s many obstacles and commitments. That’s why I believe we should find a program that works for us and that doesn’t consume too much time and energy from our day.

The fitness industry has a wealth of knowledge and I can’t wait to share my opinions and experiences with you. I am excited to share all my knowledge with you as I am going to cover a vast range of topics including workouts, weight loss, supplements, reviews, recipes and food/diet.

Come along with me on my journey on life and lets be fitness pals because everybody needs a pal to help them through.

The FitnessPal blog is updated on a daily basis, so be sure to subscribe and feel free to contact me with any questions or topics you wish me to cover.


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