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Fastest Way to Burn Fat

Looking for a powerful and fast way to blast off fat?Its no secret that high intensity interval training (HIIT) is the fastest way to blast away unwanted fat. I have been doing high intensity interval training for years now and it’s my ultimate key to losing weight. It boosts your metabolism and increases your fitness which burns that stubborn fat.

High intensity interval training involves doing short bursts of high intensity cardiovascular exercise followed by short intervals of moderate intensity as your recovery period.

High intensity interval training for me has fast tracked my weight loss and has never failed to deliver results. I have recently lost over 7kg by incorporating this approx 3-4 times per week.

Here is one favorite of my high intensity interval training schedules:

1 minute on/1 minute off

  • 5 minute warmup – walk / run /ride at a reasonable speed that you are able to warm up your muscles
  • 1 minute moderate or high intensity – brisk walk  / sprinting / sprint ride
  • 1 minute low intensity – you need to ensure this is faster than your warmup speed
  • Repeat the 1 minute on/off 6-8 times
  • 5 minutes cool down – at the same speed as your warmup

If 1 minute is too difficult to start with, try with 30 second intervals instead.

Another major benefit of interval training is that you can cut your workout in half. It takes half the time to lose the fat than it would with a low intensity workout (i.e walking at a constant speed). This is especially important when your trying to live a balanced lifestyle, juggling family and work commitments as we can’t spend 2 hours each day exercising. By allowing for only 30mins of interval training, you can easily shed some kilos without devoting your entire day to exercise.

I have experienced incredible results with my interval training and I hope that if you incorporate some interval training into your exercise routine you will be happy with the results also.


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