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Saturday Night Weight Gain

I thought I would share with you my Saturday night weight gain….Anyone else guilty?

So last night, being Saturday night, was my cheat day for the week. I happily confess that I bought a tub of my favorite ice cream, Cookies & Cream, sat in front of the TV and ate out of the tub with a spoon. This is one of my favorite pastimes. Is anyone else guilty of this weight gain crime? And you are probably wondering, did I eat the whole tub? The short answer is NO…But nearly…I get so consumed in watching TV that I nearly reached the bottom. Oops…

Oh well…everything in moderation right? We all have our weaknesses but just as long as we keep them in moderation I think its okay. I’ve probably reached my quota for ice cream for the next month or so, so I shouldn’t crave it for a while now 🙂

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