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Running On The Spot

My first step to improving my body image and battling my weight was back in 2007 when I purchased a treadmill.

All my family and close friends were against the idea as they believed that buying a treadmill was a waste of money, that I wouldn’t use the treadmill and that it was a waste of space.

Contrary to what everyone believed, purchasing a treadmill has been one of the best purchases I have made and most valuable piece of furniture I have in my house. It has provided me with the freedom to exercise late at night, exercise in my most ugly clothing and watch TV whilst exercising 🙂

Most of all, starting to exercise again, after not exercising for an extended period of time, can be one of the most intimidating experiences, especially when you sign up to a gym and everyone seems to look fantastic. The treadmill gave me peace of mind that I was able to lose weight in my own surroundings without anyone judging me.

If you are keen to purchase a treadmill, make sure you purchase a mid-price range one to ensure that the motor is strong, it can reach high speeds and also provides for gradient settings. I am against buying cheap treadmills because I don’t think they are value for money (and they will just end up collecting dust).

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