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Stop Eating Chocolate Now!

I will stop eating chocolate tomorrow…I will start my diet tomorrow…I will start exercising tomorrow…I am the biggest culprit out there known by man for saying these very phrases… It is one of my weaknesses but I am slowly improving by trying to start my next diet or exercise routine on random days of the week so I don’t get into the habit of always starting on a Monday and then… giving into my chocolate craving by Wednesday night 🙂

I have slowly adopted the mentality (by my numerous attempts and failures) that being healthier and fitter its more about the lifestyle change rather than starting your next diet AFTER putting on extra kilos or not being able to fit into your clothes. We all have to find the motivation from within that we REALLY want to change our body image and our bad eating habits, otherwise the strict exercise and healthy eating just will not continue for long.

We cannot be good 100% of the time. Moderation is the key – BUT also portion sizes are just so important (again, one of my weaknesses – I get carried away when I really enjoy something and haven’t had it in a while).

So…. trash the excuses that you will start your quest for a healthier life tomorrow and start today, its not too late and you’ll surprise yourself and thank yourself later for it.


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